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Elevator Drive Motor Magnets [Function Material Caveat]

Magnets are also used in elevator motors, usually strong permanent magnets, such as rare-earth neodymium magnets, which provide a constant magnetic field that interacts with the rotating magnetic field generated by the stator to drive the rotor of the motor to rotate, which in turn drives the elevator's traction wheels to rotate and control the up and down movement of the elevator car.

Types of Magnets Commonly Used in Elevator Motors Bonded Multi-Pole Neodymium Ring Magnets

Elevator Motors Bonded Multi-Pole Neodymium Ring Magnets

Elevator motor magnet selection;

Selecting elevator motor magnets requires consideration of a number of factors such as elevator load and speed, motor power and size.

Elevator magnets need to meet a variety of requirements, such as strong magnetism, good heat resistance, etc., generally need to choose the temperature resistance of 120 degrees Celsius or more, that is, H grade series, For example, sintered NdFeB N42SH arc magnet.

The power of the elevator motor directly determines the flux and flux density of the required magnet. The higher the power, the correspondingly higher the magnetization strength and remanent magnetism of the magnet is required.

Many modern elevator motors use permanent magnet synchronous motors with bonded neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnetic rings, which maintain high torque output while reducing size and weight, making them ideal for the smooth, energy-saving, and long-duration operation required by elevators.

Some caveats are worth paying attention to;

1. Strong external magnetic fields or exceeding the temperature resistance of the magnets may demagnetize the permanent magnets and affect the performance of the motor, so it is necessary to avoid such situations during maintenance and installation.

2. For neodymium arc segmented magnets must be mounted in the correct direction, and incorrect mounting of any of these pieces will affect motor performance.

3. Although permanent magnet motors are relatively durable, regular inspection of the motor condition, including whether the magnets are intact, is an important measure to ensure the safe and stable operation of the elevator.

Above is the introduction of Elevator Motor Magnet, if you need to ask related questions, samples, and know the custom price please send us an inquiry.

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