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Magnet Blog

Oval Magnets [Type Drawing Customized]

Oval magnet, are you looking for this magnet and buy it? Today I will introduce you the meaning of this magnet, pictures, material and shape types, drawings and how to customize it.

Meaning of oval magnets;

An oval magnet is a magnet with an elliptical cross section and is a custom shaped magnet whose shape gives it some advantages in specific applications.

Types of oval magnets;

Shape types; length over thickness oval magnets, thickness (height) over length oval magnets, perforated or slotted oval magnets

Material type; Mainly made of rare earth neodymium material, can also be ferrite or samarium cobalt material, depending on customer demand, all can be processed.

The following picture shows the size of the oval neodymium magnets schematic drawing


How are oval magnets customized?

First of all, you need to confirm the required size, such as the above oval magnet size schematic, performance, temperature resistance, and some other basic parameters, neodymium material, then magnet manufacturers can be processed by multi-wire cutting machine.

For application, it is widely used in all kinds of electronic products, electrical appliances, connectors, instruments, billboards, industries and so on.

Above is the neodymium magnet manufacturer courage Xiaofu for you to introduce the oval magnet related knowledge, for oval magnet price, samples and so on can be obtained by sending inquiry to contact us.

Oval magnet processing case;

Customized Shaped Oval Neodymium Magnets With Hole N52

Zinc coated oval neodymium magnet 1.3mm thickness 19x7x1.3mm

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