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50mm neodymium magnets pull force and gauss strength

50mm specifications of high strength neodymium strong magnets are mainly used in some industrial machinery and equipment, locomotives and other fields, its shape is mainly round, cylindrical, annular, square, the surface is often plated with nickel, zinc, epoxy and other protective layer, today share your concern about 50mm neodymium iron boron strong magnetic pull, how big the magnetic field strength and other issues.

How strong is the 50mm size strong magnetic pull?

Sample of black epoxy-coated countersunk neodymium magnets


N38 grade D50mm x 6mm round magnet, pulling force about 16kg, magnetic field strength is 1730gs.

N35 grade D50*10mm, surface magnetization is about 2090gs, vertical pull force is about 19kg.

N35 grade rectangular block neodymium magnet 50x30x5mm, vertical pull of about 5.9kg, apparent magnetic strength of about 1360 gs.

N35 square neodymium magnet F50*50*10, table magnetism about 1930gs, vertical pull about 20kg.

N35 grade thickness magnetized ring neodymium magnet 50x20x5mm, vertical pull about 4.5kg, apparent magnetic strength about 2080 gs.

The above pull, gauss data from the Internet synthesis, for reference only.

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