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What You Don't Know About Ferrite Multi-Pole Magnetic Rings

Ferrite multi-pole magnetic ring, with more than one NS magnetic poles of ferrite material ring magnets, it is also a wide range of applications, today Karachi magnets small editor to tell you about ferrite multi-pole magnetic ring those things you do not know.

Ferrite multi-pole magnet ring production is easy?  

Ferrite magnets multi-pole magnetic ring is easy to produce products, ordinary axial multi-pole ferrite magnetic ring as long as there is a corresponding multi-pole magnetizing jig can produce a multi-pole magnetic ring, this is a conventional magnet products common sense, but in the actual production process, often because of some uncertain external factors that affect the quality of the product of the ferrite multi-pole magnetic ring.

The following sample is an axial single-sided multipolar ferrite ring

Axial single-sided multipolar ferrite ring

We all know that any kind of magnet has a variety of performance grades, each performance grade of magnet products in the magnet performance differences, and the performance of the biggest difference between the existence of magnet magnetism is the difference between the same specifications of the magnet will be affected by the difference in product performance and magnetic, the most obvious is the difference in the surface magnetism, however, from the long-term practice reflects one of the most obvious problem, the surface magnetism is not a measure of the quality of ferrite multi-pole magnet ring, but the actual production process is often due to some uncertain external factors affect the quality of ferrite multi-pole magnet ring. Table magnetism and can not be used as a measure of magnetic performance of magnets good and bad, so need to explain, the magnet product table magnetism can only unilaterally illustrate the magnetic field strength of a magnet product, to give a very simple example, the diameter of 10 millimeters thickness of 5 millimeters of the Y30 ferrite disk magnet with a diameter of 20 millimeters thickness of 5 millimeters of the Y30 ferrite disk magnet table magnetism compared to the table magnetism of the table magnetism of the D10 * 5 than the table magnetic D20 * 5 of the table magnetic high, on the magnet suction pull is D20 * 5 of the strong country D10 * 5, which shows a what problem it is, the table magnet is only a reflection of the strength of the magnetic field parameter, and the magnet can absorb more than one with the magnet suction area, similarly, the ferrite multi-pole magnetic ring also has the same physical properties. The same outer diameter, inner diameter is different, thickness is the same, the same material under the ferrite multi-pole magnetic ring will appear the same phenomenon, for example: D50 * 20 * 5 and D50 * 30 * 5 two Y30 ferrite multi-pole magnetic ring compared to the D50 * 30 * 5 Surface magnetism compared to the D50 * 20 * 5 Surface magnetism to be slightly higher, but the two types of ferrite multi-pole magnetic ring for torque test, is D50 * 20 * 5 stronger than the D50 * 30 * 5 table magnet to be slightly higher, but the two types of ferrite multi-pole magnetic ring for torsion test, is D50 * 20 *5 is stronger than D50*30*5, the reason is that the magnetic area of D50*20*5 is larger than that of D50*30*5, so the area of suction force generated is also larger.

In addition, ferrite multi-pole magnetic rings can be designed to achieve highly precise control of the magnetic field by adjusting the size, shape, and position of each pole, an ability that makes them useful in applications that require directional, focused, or dispersed magnetic fields, such as sensors, motors, and more.

How do I determine the performance of a ferrite multipole magnet ring?

Ferrite multi-pole magnetic ring can't measure the performance of the ring by the surface magnetism of the product, and can't detect the performance of a product from the surface magnetism of the ferrite multi-pole magnetic ring, because the ferrite multi-pole magnetic ring itself belongs to the magnetic polarization of a product, and the same product will be detected different surface magnetism due to the difference of the number of magnetization poles, so to detect whether a ferrite multi-pole magnetic ring is qualified or not, it must be subject to the performance test of the product. Detection.

Multi-pole magnetic ring selection;

Multipole ferrite magnetic ring

Multipole Ndfeb magnetic ring

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