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Cause analysis of unqualified magnet size

There are many types of magnet shapes, whether conventional or shaped, but they all have the size of the magnet manufacturers in accordance with the drawings provided by the customer processed, some users asked what are the reasons for the size of the magnet failed? The following is a small compilation of some common reasons for the analysis.

1、The manufacturing process error

When manufacturing magnets, errors may occur in the cutting, molding, grinding or machining of the material, and these errors may result in the magnet size is not in accordance with the specifications, for example, the machine operator may not have set up or calibrated the machine correctly, or the material may be extruded or stretched during processing, resulting in dimensional changes.

2、Material Problems

The use of unqualified magnetic materials or materials with high impurity content may lead to unqualified magnet dimensions.

3、Processing tools and equipment problems

The use of tools and equipment that are badly worn or improperly maintained may result in uneven processing, which may affect the magnet dimensions.

4、Mold accuracy problems

The existence of tolerance discrepancies, wear and deformation of molds and other problems, resulting in molded product size deviation, mainly for magnets that require molding.

Mini small size radial 2-pole ring ferrite magnet

Mini small size radial 2-pole ring ferrite magnet

5、Quality control problems

Lack of strict quality control measures may lead to dimensional unqualified magnets into the market, quality control includes inspection, measurement and testing to ensure that the product meets the specifications.

6、salesman or production scheduling will be wrong size

This also happens from time to time, such as the salesman will write the wrong size into the system, the production department in accordance with the wrong size for production.

Solving the problem of magnets with unqualified dimensions usually requires careful quality control and quality assurance steps, which may include re-examining every aspect of the manufacturing process, calibrating measuring equipment, ensuring material quality, etc. The ultimate goal is to ensure the production of magnets with qualified dimensions.

The above is about some of the reasons why the magnet size is unqualified, by China neodymium magnet manufacturers Courage xiaofu original editing, such as magnet quotes, inquiries about ready-made samples can be called to contact our company.

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