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Magnet Injection Molding Wrapping Process

Magnet injection molding parcels process is a magnet embedded in plastic materials manufacturing method, mainly used to produce a specific shape and function of the magnetic plastic parts, this process combines the performance of magnetic materials and plastic molding convenience, so that the product has a magnetic function but also can have a complex geometric structure and protective characteristics, the following is the magnet injection molding package process, the basic steps, characteristics and applications of the process is introduced.

Magnet injection molding wrapping process general steps;

1、Magnet selection

According to the application requirements of the final product, select the appropriate type of magnet, such as neodymium iron boron, ferrite or other types.

2、Magnet pretreatment

Magnets need surface treatment, such as cleaning and polishing, before injection molding to improve the adhesion between the magnet and the plastic.

3、Mold design

When designing the injection mold, it is necessary to reserve the precise placement position of the magnet to ensure that the magnet can be firmly embedded in the plastic.

4、Preparation of injection molding materials

Select the suitable plastic material, consider its heat resistance, mechanical strength and whether it needs special properties (such as high temperature resistance, flame retardant).

5、Injection molding

Under the conditions of controlled temperature and pressure, the molten plastic is injected into the mold to surround the pre-positioned magnet. The temperature needs to be strictly controlled during the injection molding process to avoid too high a temperature leading to demagnetization of the magnet.

6、Cooling and Removal

After the injection is completed, the plastic is allowed to cool and solidify for a certain period of time, and then the molded parts are removed from the mold.

7、Inspection and Test

Finally, the magnetic properties, dimensional accuracy, appearance quality and other tests are carried out to ensure that they meet the requirements of customers.

Magnet injection molding parcel process process characteristics;

High efficiency: the injection molding process has a high degree of automation and can be mass produced with high production efficiency.

High precision: accurate mold design, high consistency of product size and shape.

Protective properties: the plastic wrapping layer can effectively protect the magnet from corrosion and mechanical damage from the external environment.

Complex shapes: Complex shapes of magnetic products can be manufactured to meet different application requirements.

Versatility: different kinds of plastic materials can be selected to give the products different properties, such as high temperature resistance and wear resistance.

Application areas;

This process is mainly used in motor manufacturing, electronic products, automobile industry, home appliances and other fields.

The above is about the magnet injection molding parcel process related to the introduction, through the continuous optimization of process parameters and mold design, you can further improve the quality of products and production efficiency, to meet the demand for magnetic parts in different fields.

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