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Cylindrical Magnet Magnetic Field

The magnetic field characteristics of cylindrical magnet mainly depends on its magnetization direction, the following is the introduction about the magnetic field of cylindrical permanent magnet, including the magnetic field characteristics of different magnetization directions, applications, calculations, measurement methods.

Cylindrical magnet magnetization direction is mainly divided into axial and radial magnetization, let's start with axial magnetization, refers to the magnetization direction of the magnet along the axis of the direction of the cylinder (thickness direction), that is, from one end of the cylinder to the other end, this direction of magnetization in the 2 end of the strongest magnetic field, the magnetic field in the middle of the magnet is relatively weak, the distribution of the magnetic field is symmetrical and concentrated in the direction of the axis of the cylinder.

The following picture contains cylindrical and bar block neodymium magnets


Formula for calculating the axial magnetic field of a cylindrical magnets

For a cylindrical magnet of finite length, the distance from the center of the magnet on its axis is "z" the strength of the magnetic field can be calculated by the following equation:


Where "z" is the distance from the center of the magnet on its axis, "L" is the length of the magnet, "R" is the radius of the magnet, and "M" is the magnetizing strength.

In talking about radial magnetization, radial magnetization refers to the direction of magnetization of the magnet along the radial direction, i.e., from the center to the outside or from the outside to the center, radially magnetized cylindrical magnet has a uniform distribution of magnetic field on the surrounding surface of the cylinder. The magnetic field lines flow out from the outer surface of the cylinder, through the outer space and into the center of the cylinder. The magnetic field strength varies in the radial direction and is usually strongest at the surface.

View a diagram of the direction of magnetization of a cylindrical magnet: Direction of magnetization of permanent magnets

In terms of application, axial magnetization is mainly used in some electronic products, medical equipment, door suckers and locks, beauty products and so on. Radial magnetization is mainly used in permanent magnet motors, magnetic sensors and so on.

Measurement of the magnetic field of a cylindrical magnet;

If actual measurements of magnetic field strength and distribution are required, they can be made using instruments such as Hall effect sensors, flux meters, and magnetometers.

Above is about the magnetic field of cylindrical magnets related to the introduction, our company for the magnet manufacturers, can be processed for you a variety of materials, sizes of cylindrical magnets, cylindrical magnets with holes, welcome to consult.

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