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Magnet Blog

Magnet magnetizing effect and magnetizing time duration

The magnetic properties of permanent magnets are magnetized by magnet manufacturers through the magnetizing machine, which many people know, so how is the relationship between magnetizing effect and magnetization time? The longer the magnetization time, the better? Today on this issue with you briefly.

Is there a relationship between the magnet's magnetizing effect and the magnetizing time? Yes, but not much. Nowadays, magnet manufacturers basically use pulse magnetization, which can saturate the magnet in milliseconds, while traditional DC or AC magnetization often takes a longer time.

Courage magnet manufacturer magnet magnetization equipment

Courage magnet manufacturer magnet magnetization equipment

So it's not that magnetizing for a longer period of time works better, magnetized materials have a saturation point, and when it reaches saturation, the magnet strength doesn't eventually get stronger, even if you continue to apply a magnetic field.

We are now using short-time pulse, in a short period of time to apply high-intensity magnetic field, quickly make the magnetic material to reach the saturation magnetization state, due to the short duration of the pulse, the temperature rise is small, the performance of the magnetic material to maintain stability, low energy consumption, high efficiency.

Above is the magnet magnetization time and magnetization effect of the introduction, the article is attributed to the magnet blog section, thank you for your browsing, need to buy permanent magnets can send us an inquiry.

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