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Function and use of magnetic pole viewer film

Magnet products magnetization way we can not see with the naked eye, do not know whether it is ordinary magnetization or multi-pole magnetization can only be checked through the use of magnetic pole test piece, through the magnetic pole test piece we can determine the magnetization direction of magnet products and the number of magnetization pole.

Magnetic Pole Viewing Sheet is also called Magnetic Pole Display Sheet, Magnetic Pole Detection Sheet, Magnetic Display Card, which is called differently by different people.

Courage Magnet Manufacturer's Magnetic Pole Viewing Sheet

Courage Magnet Manufacturer's Magnetic Pole Viewing Sheet

Magnetic pole viewing sheet main function: using the magnetic pole test piece can test the magnet magnetization level, magnetization mode, distinguish the strong magnetic surface and weak magnetic surface of the magnet.

Identification method for magnetic pole observation film: Place the magnetic product in the developing area of the magnetic film, and you can clearly see the magnetization level of the magnetic product. The magnetization levels of the magnetic product are even, as they are all one-on-one.

Identification of strong magnetic surface and weak magnetic surface: multi-stage magnetized products, a magnetic surface of the magnetic force relative to another magnetic surface to be strong or weak, in the magnetic pole test film development area, can be distinguished according to the clarity of the magnetic decomposition line, the magnetic line is clear on one side for the strong magnetic surface, the fuzzy side for the weak magnetic surface.

The article is organized and shared by the magnet manufacturer Courage Xiao Fu, how to see the magnet magnetization method, do you understand now?

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