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Radial 2 Pole Isotropic Ferrite Ring Magnets

Radial 2-pole each isotropic ferrite ring magnet is also called radial 2-pole magnetic ring, the strong magnetic surface is on the side, usually used in the manufacture of motors, electrical appliances, sensors, or other magnetic devices, this material has the characteristics of inexpensive, stable magnetic properties.

Radial 2-pole ferrite ring structure characteristics;

1. Radially Directed Magnetic Field:

The magnetic field direction of these rings is radial, i.e., it radiates outward from the center of the magnet. This magnetic field direction is suitable for certain motor or sensor designs and can provide the desired magnetic field layout.

2. 2 Polarity:

They have two well-defined magnetic poles, the south and north poles, which allows them to more accurately orient and drive the magnetic field in certain applications.

3. Isotropic:

This means that the magnetic properties of these ferrite toroids are uniform and identical regardless of the direction in which they are viewed. This uniformity is critical to ensuring the stability and performance of the device.

The picture below shows radial 2-pole anisotropy ferrite magnetic ring ready magnetization

radial 2-pole homogenous ferrite magnetic ring

Radial 2-pole isotropic ferrite applications;

Radial 2-pole each isotropic ferrite ring surface magnetic strength is usually not higher than 700 gauss, mainly used in dishwashers, instrumentation, electrical appliances, DC motors, sensors and so on.

Our company is a professional supplier of motor magnets, we can process 2-pole (or more magnetic poles) radial ferrite magnets according to your requirements to meet your needs, some specifications may be in stock, you need to send an inquiry to consult.

Partial radial 2-pole ferrite sample;

Cooler water pump magnet 2 pole magnetization 9mm x 10.4mm

Radially magnetized 2 pole ring annular ferrite 13.6x3mm

Radial 2 pole ring ferrite magnet rotor 16mm x 5.2mm x 3mm

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