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Magnetic performances strength of injection molded ferrite magnets

Injection molded ferrite magnets belong to molded magnets, is made of strontium ferrite magnetic powder + nylon or PPS composition, is mainly used in motors, sensors, encoders, robots, Hall induction and other fields, today courage magnet manufacturers to introduce to you its magnetic strength.

The surface magnetic strength of injection molded ferrite magnets is generally around 500-1300 gauss, depending on the size of the magnet specification and the grade of the magnetic powder, 1500-1700 gauss can also be achieved.

Our company has a relatively complete injection molded ferrite magnet ring, support customization.

injection molded ferrite magnet ring

The following are some injection molded ferrite magnet ring samples surface magnetic data;

1、Radial external magnetized multipole 10-pole injection molded ferrite ring D40.5 x 28.5 x 26mm, the average peak surface magnetism is around 1620 gauss.

2、Radially external magnetized 4-pole injection molded ferrite ring/D27.80 x 24.85 x 26.5mm, with an apparent magnetic strength of 1450 gauss.

3、Radial internal magnetization 4-pole ferrite D40 x 31 x 12 mm, surface magnetic strength of about 850-900 gauss.

4、Injection magnetization radial external charge 8 poles D74*62*30, table magnetic about 1750 gauss.

5、Radial 4-pole injection molded magnetic rotor 45.45x8x24mm with apparent magnetic strength greater than 1300 gauss.

By adjusting the magnetic powder types, ratios, processes, etc., different performance parameters can be obtained to suit different applications.

In addition to injection molded ferrite material, injection molded neodymium magnets are also available, which have much higher magnetic performance strength than injection molded ferrite, we can also provide you with quotations or samples if you need.

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