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Application of Ndfeb magnet in mobile phone field

There are neodymium magnets in cell phones? Yes. Although we can't see them, it works silently inside, these magnets are usually small in size but big in function, today the editor takes you to learn about the application of neodymium-iron-boron in cell phones.

1. Mobile Phone Speaker

Answering a call on a cell phone would be impossible without a speaker. As cell phones become thinner and technology advances, the demand for quality cell phone magnets is increasing. This is because good quality magnets in cell phones improve the sound quality of the phone, and today, manufacturers use two to five permanent magnets in their speakers.

Neodymium-iron-boron magnets are perfect for making cell phone speakers because they are small, magnetic, and can also withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius, with most manufacturers opting for N48 and N52 grades.

2. Mobile phone receiver

Cell phone receivers are basically your phone's microphone, they pick up sound and amplify it before sending it to the speakers of whoever you're talking to, and they can also be used to record messages. Permanent magnets play a huge role in mobile phone handset functions and you will be interested. Cell phone receivers are usually made of two magnets to increase efficiency. Ndfeb magnets are the magnet of choice for manufacturers interested in high-quality mobile phone receivers.

3. Mobile Phone Camera

We can take sharply focused photos with our cell phones, which would not be possible without autofocus motors (also known as voice coil motors). It takes about 2-4 permanent magnets to manufacture each autofocus motor used in a cell phone camera, and neodymium magnets are known for their great strength. It is this power that makes them perfect for cell phone cameras. Neodymium magnets allow us to get clear and well-focused photos from cell phones at such a low cost.

The accompanying picture shows a small neodymium block magnets

small neodymium block magnets

4. Vibrating Motor

Every time you feel your cell phone vibrate, you should be thankful that neodymium magnets make it possible, and feel the same gratitude when pressing a key on your phone and feeling a little buzz. The vibration motors that make these vibrations possible use neodymium magnets. Unlike cell phone speakers and receivers, vibration motors require only one magnet.

5. Headsets and earphones

While headsets and earphones are external components of a cell phone, they add value to the overall experience of the cell phone user. Neodymium magnets are the reason we have high quality headsets today. Each headset or earphone uses 2-4 magnets. We can have small headsets that produce top-notch sound quality because even the small size of the neodymium magnets is enough to work effectively.

6. Mobile phone holders and cases

Some wallet-style phone cases use magnets to hold the case closed, and these magnets do not need to be very strong, meaning that only a tiny fraction of neodymium magnets are needed for this purpose. In addition, cell phones can be mounted on a variety of surfaces simply by placing neodymium magnets on the back of the phone or as part of the case.

NdFeB magnets have made a great contribution to the development of mobile phones, they are an important part of cell phones in today's world, if you need to buy this kind of magnet you can contact Courage Magnet Manufacturer.

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