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Difference between surface magnetic field and magnet magnetism

Many people say that the magnetism of the magnet is the same as the magnetic surface of the magnet? Of course not, in fact, when daisy first entered the industry, there were many misunderstandings for a long time. So today, I would like to explain to you what are the concepts of magnetism of magnets and surface magnetic field of magnets, and how to define them? What are the relationships and effects between them?

What is surface magnetic field?

The surface magnetic field refers to the magnetic induction intensity at a point on the surface of the magnet, and is measured in Gauss g or Tesla T (1T= 10000g).

The surface magnetic field data presented by the surface of the magnet is only a reflection of the data of the magnet itself to the measuring tool, because the induction of each measuring tool is not necessarily accurate, so the surface magnetic field problem of the magnet product is not a determined specification, the most common is to enlarge the tolerance range of the data, or directly according to the requirements of their own products, after all, the data is just a considerable performance.

The surface magnetic field is a relatively easy to measure data in the parameters of the magnet, so when the size, grade and shape of the two magnets are generally the same, we generally use the surface magnetic field size to judge and compare their performance. In particular, some special-shaped magnets that are too large or too small are not suitable for routine measurement, will be used to measure the surface magnetic strength.

Like the following figure, the magnetic field of the pump rotor magnets (Ferrite material) is about 1000 gauss.

pump rotor magnets (Ferrite material)

But here are three things to remember:

1. The surface magnetic field is the value measured when the Gauss meter contacts with a certain point on the surface of the magnet. Sometimes the value of the center is not consistent with the value around it, so the value of the surface magnetic field does not represent the overall performance of the magnet.

2. The surface magnetic field of the magnet is different in different environments. Surface magnetic field is easily affected by the external environment, the same magnet, measured in different environments, the measured surface magnetic field may also be different.

3. Generally, the measuring tool for measuring the magnetism of the magnet table uses the Gauss meter, also called Tesla meter. However, because the products produced by each manufacturer do not have a specific standard, but also because the Hall induction components on the Gaussian meter are not the same, the Hall induction intensity is different, the measured magnetic table is not the same.

In simple terms, the same product, we use the domestic Gauss meter to measure, if the measured magnetic strength is 3000GS, (GS: meter magnetic unit) and replaced by the Japanese Gauss meter to measure, because of the quality of the Hall induction element on the Gauss meter, the meter measured by the Japanese Gauss meter is about 200GS. Therefore, a product, if the light look at the table magnetic problem, is not able to determine whether the magnet product is good or bad

What is the magnetism of a magnet?

Magnetism is more of an abstract concept, generally referring to the properties of metal substances such as iron, cobalt, and nickel. Simply put, magnetism is the effect of magnetic force on a substance placed in an uneven magnetic field. In the same non-uniform magnetic field, the magnetic force direction and strength of the unit mass of the substance are determined to determine the strength of the material magnetism. But as a science tip, it's not just magnets that are magnetic. Because any substance is magnetic, any substance in the uneven magnetic field will be affected by the magnetic force, such as research that the human body will also be affected by the magnetic field.

All in all, in the relevant magnets, surface magnetism is a reflection of the magnetic force on the surface of the magnet (related to the force) on the measuring instrument, and magnetism is only a characteristic of the magnet to attract paramagnetic substances, which is determined by the nature of the magnet itself.

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Many people are still asking;

What is the use of measuring the surface magnetism of a magnet?

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