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What is the use of measuring the surface magnetism of a magnet?

We often see some customers of the magnet drawings technical requirements or notes in the region will be on the magnet's magnetic strength of the surface requirements, some customers will also allow us to measure how much magnetism under the table before shipment, do a shipment inspection report, so what is the use of measuring the magnet's surface magnetism? With everyone's doubts, the following to talk to you.

What's the point of measuring the magnet's gauge magnetism?

Colored zinc plated neodymium block magnets

Colored zinc plated neodymium block magnets

I. Judging and comparing the performance of magnets

Customers often judge and compare the performance of magnets by comparing the surface magnetism (non-multipole magnetization, etc.) For some magnets with particularly large or small size and special shape, it is difficult to measure the magnetic flux, and then measuring the table magnetism becomes very important.

2、Ensure the stability of the product

Customers in the process of product design, has been through a variety of data testing, the magnet only in that gauss value of the environment, will play the best role, if the table magnetism than the design of the lower or higher, will lead to the magnet to play the performance of poor, or even can not achieve the desired results.

Overall, by measuring the apparent magnetism of a magnet, it is possible to get a more complete picture of the magnet's performance and ensure that it will work properly in a given application. This is important for the use of magnetic materials in a variety of industrial and scientific fields.

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