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Magnets of the same n grade measure different magnetic forces?

As a common magnetic material, magnets are widely used in various equipment and industries. However, we may find that even though two magnets are labeled with the same N grade magnetic force, there are differences in the actual measurement, what is the reason for this?

1. Differences in the manufacturing process of magnets

The manufacturing process of magnets may lead to small differences, such as the formulation of magnet materials, the size and structure of magnet grains, etc.. These differences may lead to some differences in magnetic force between magnets.

2, the error of the magnetic field measuring instrument and the measurement position is different

Measuring magnetic force requires the use of magnetic field measuring instruments, such as magnetometers or Hall effect sensors. However, these instruments themselves may have certain errors. Then again, the Gauss value measured at different positions of the magnet is not the same.

3. Size and shape

Even for magnets of the same grade, small differences in size and shape may lead to changes in magnetic force.

Pictured with galvanized block ndfeb magnets

Pictured with galvanized block ndfeb magnets

4. Possibility of different specific grades

Although they are all N grade neodymium magnets, they may have different specific grades, such as one is N35 and the other is N38?

5. Magnetization process

The magnetization process of magnets may vary depending on the magnet manufacturer, equipment and process. The accuracy and consistency of the magnetization process will have an impact on the final magnetic force.

The above is about the magnet is the same n level measured magnetic force is not the same may be some of the circumstances, by the courage magnet manufacturers xiao fu edited, if you need to buy permanent magnets in bulk welcome to consult the offer.

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