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Why are some magnets stronger than others?

I believe that many people have a question in mind, that is, why some magnets are stronger than others? What is the road here, today permanent magnet manufacturers Courage xiaofu to give you the answer to your confusion.

First, the magnet material is not the same

Some magnets you look almost the same, but they may be 2 kinds of materials are completely different magnets, the strongest magnetic magnet material you know which one?

Second, the performance grade is not the same

No matter which material of the magnet, they have a variety of grades to meet the magnetic requirements of different customers, usually the higher the grade, the stronger the magnetic force, which also leads to the magnetic force of the magnet has a high and low points of the reason.

NdFeB magnets commonly used performance grade grade N35, N38, N40, N42, N45, N48, N50, N52.

Ferrite magnets commonly used grade level Y10, Y25, y30, y30BH, Y35, Y40.

The accompanying image shows a 5x0.5mm rare earth neodymium circular magnet

5x0.5mm rare earth neodymium circular magnet

Third, the magnet specifications are not the same

The larger the magnet specifications, the thicker the thickness (the same specification) their magnetic force will be stronger, neodymium-iron-boron magnets even 1mm, 0.5mm thickness difference in their magnetic properties will also have a significant difference in oh.

Fourth, the direction of magnetization is not the same

Magnetization direction is not the same is also a major key factor affecting the magnetic force, the original requirements for the use of this surface, the magnetization error will be another surface into a strong magnetic surface, naturally leading to the phenomenon of magnetic force is not strong.

The above is about why some magnets are stronger than others? The introduction of a few reasons, do you know there are some other reasons?

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