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How many hours of salt spray test can galvanized neodymium magnets pass?

Can magnet galvanized over 48 hours of salt spray? Many customers asked, I contact magnet business, customers use neodymium iron boron magnets are mostly galvanized and nickel-plated, usually customers require salt spray test is 48 hours, some will also be higher, such as 72 hours or 96 hours.

Can the surface galvanizing of neodymium magnets be subjected to a salt spray test for 48 hours?

Speaking of galvanizing, we first need to understand the types of magnets galvanized.

Currently electroplated zinc is divided into a variety of, there are white zinc, blue white zinc, blue zinc, color zinc, black zinc. And the current market salt spray test white zinc 16 hours, blue white zinc 24 hours, black zinc 12 hours.

Galvanized arc-shaped segmented neodymium magnets

Galvanized arc-shaped segmented neodymium magnets

To over 48 hours of salt spray generally recommended that customers use nickel-plated, nickel-plated basic process is nickel-copper-nickel, three layers, can be better protection of the magnet.

Guess your concern: NdFeB strong magnets galvanized nickel plating has an effect on the magnetic properties?

Magnet plating mainly plays the role of corrosion and rust prevention, to extend the life of the magnet, and then it is not easy to cut when you use it, it has almost no effect on the magnetism.

Summary of other magnet plating issues;

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