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Magnet Gauss vs Pull Strength

Gauss and pull strength of permanent magnets are 2 performance indicators of magnets, some customers require a certain gauss, some customers require a certain pull(tensile) strength, today this article will introduce you what is gauss strength? What is pull strength? Their difference and connection?

Gauss strength meaning;

Gaussian strength refers to the strength of magnetic induction, using Gauss (Gauss) as the unit, with 1 Tesla equaling 10,000 Gauss. Reflects the degree of strength of the magnetic field produced by a magnet at a given point, a high Gauss value means that the magnet has a stronger magnetic field at that point.

The picture below shows a surface magnetic field strength measurement of a square countersunk ndfeb magnet, 3200 gauss.

surface magnetic field strength measurement of a square countersunk magnet

Pull Force Meaning:

Pull strength (Pull Force), on the other hand, is a measure of the attractive force of a magnet, usually in Newtons (N) or pounds of force (lbs). It indicates the maximum attraction or pull that a magnet can provide at a certain distance and under certain conditions.

Difference and connection between Gauss strength and pull strength;

1. The higher the gauss value, the greater the pulling strength of the magnet will usually be under the same conditions. This is because a stronger magnetic field produces a greater magnetic attraction. 2.

2. Pulling strength is not only related to the gauss strength, but also depends on factors such as the size and shape of the magnet, the working gap distance, and the material and geometry of the object to be sucked.

While the gauss value can be used as a reference to predict the magnet's suction potential, in practice it is usually necessary to measure it directly through experimentation in order to accurately know the magnet's pulling force.

See Gauss or pull Strength?

In practice, sometimes the Gaussian strength is given priority, such as when a strong magnetic field is required, and sometimes the tensile strength is given more attention, such as when there is a requirement for magnet adsorption capability.

The above is about the magnet gauss strength and tensile strength of the relevant introduction, by the Chinese neodymium magnet manufacturers courage magnet xiaofu edited, application at the same time to assess these two parameters can be more comprehensive understanding of the performance of this magnet performance.

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