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Can you customize 10,000 gauss magnets?

High-performance magnets are increasingly in demand in industry and technology.10,000 gauss (1 tesla) magnets are very strong and are ideal for many applications. So, is it possible to customize magnets of this strength? Scroll down to finish reading.

10,000 Gauss Magnet Material Selection

The material of choice for making 10,000 gauss magnets is rare earth neodymium magnets, which are the most powerful permanent magnet material known, with a theoretical remanent magnetization of approximately 14,800 gauss, making them well suited for applications that require a high strength magnetic field. Other types of magnets, such as samarium cobalt magnets, also perform well at high temperatures and in corrosive environments, but their magnetic field strengths are usually not as strong as neodymium iron boron.

The picture below shows a strong magnetic bar made of 304 stainless steel with N52 neodymium magnets, easily reaching 10,000 gauss.

13000 Gauss Stainless Steel Magnetic Bar

10,000 gauss magnets have certain size and shape requirements

Size Requirements: To achieve such high magnetic field strengths, the size of the magnet must be relatively small. Larger magnets are difficult to achieve such high field strengths due to the effects of magnetic circuit leakage and antimagnetic fields.

Shape Requirements: The shape of the magnet is also very important for realizing high magnetic field strength. Generally, preference is given to the shape of a magnetic ring or a cylinder, so that the magnetic flux becomes a closed loop inside the magnet and reduces the leakage of the magnetic field from the outside.

Cost of 10,000 gauss magnets

Due to expensive materials and demanding processes, 10,000 gauss magnets can be expensive to manufacture, typically ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars per magnet.

Above is the introduction about whether it is possible to customize 10000 gauss magnet, such as requiring a single magnet to reach 10000 gauss, it is impossible, at most, it can only reach about 6000 gauss, but if specially assembled, the surface magnetic force can reach 15000±10% gauss.

10,000 gauss magnets to choose from;

Industrial high strength iron removal magnetic rod D16-32mm

Square magnetic grate for dryer filter 8000-12000 gauss

15000 Gauss Automatic Strong Magnetic Roller Φ60-300mm

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