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Parts and functions of a magnet in a dishwasher

Dishwashers are becoming more and more common in the past few years, it cleans the bowls and plates by mechanical force and hot water, in the various parts of the dishwasher, magnets play a key role, the following are a few of the main parts of the dishwasher that need magnets and their role.

1、Magnets are used in the door locking system of the washing machine

The magnetic force between the magnets and the metal parts in the door locking system ensures that the door will not be opened accidentally while the dishwasher is in operation, thus ensuring security.

2、Magnets are used in water level sensors

The sensor detects the water level in the sink through magnetic force. When the water level reaches a certain height, the magnet triggers the sensor and sends a signal to the control system to stop filling water or start the drain pump to ensure that the water level in the dishwasher stays within a safe range.

3、Dishwasher also needs to use magnets in the drain pump

The magnets in the drain pump are used to drive the motor and pump.

Ferrite Magnetic Ring for Dishwasher

4、Rotating spray arm

Some high-end dishwashers use magnets in the rotating spray arms to optimize the direction of the water flow and the strength of the spray.

5、Drying fan motor (models with air drying function)

The magnet serves as the core component of the motor.

6、Detergent dispenser

Magnets are used in the detergent dispenser to control the release of detergent and rinse agent. There is a magnetic switch in the dispenser that is activated by the control system when the dishwasher reaches a specific stage, releasing the right amount of detergent or rinse agent to ensure a clean result.

The magnets used in these components are usually permanent magnets such as NdFeB or ferrite magnets. Their applications are focused on motor drives, sensor systems and control mechanisms.

You may also worry about whether the magnet will affect the electronic components of the dishwasher? No need to worry about this, the magnets in the dishwasher are specially designed not to produce magnetic fields that are harmful to the electronics, ensuring the safety and stability of the equipment.

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