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Thinnest neodymium magnet we can process is 0.4mm

Thin neodymium magnets, also known as thin neodymium iron boron magnets, although the thickness is very thin, but still can provide strong magnetic force, with the development of technology and the trend of miniaturization of products, the demand for thin neodymium magnets continues to increase, and we have often encountered customers in different countries to customize this kind of ultra-thin neodymium magnets from us.

Ultra-thin neodymium magnet thickness is usually between 0.2mm-1mm, the shape of the round, ring, rectangular, square-based, xiaofu had previously processed for a customer with a 0.2mm small flat rectangular magnets, but the high defective rate resulting in high prices, if the size of the thickened to 0.4mm batch there is no problem.

0.6mm ultra-thin galvanized rectangular rare earth magnets

0.6mm ultra-thin galvanized rectangular rare earth magnets

0.4mm, despite its thin thickness, can provide strong magnetic force to empower electronics, communications, electrical appliances, medical devices, such as in the inch of space inside the electronic products, 0.4mm thickness can save you valuable space, help products further miniaturization.

0.4mm thinner neodymium magnets main advantages;

Maintains strong magnetic force even at very thin thickness.

Suitable for application scenarios where space saving is required, as well as in sensors and other precision applications, capable of providing high sensitivity and high precision magnetic field detection.

Surface treated thin neodymium magnets have good corrosion resistance and mechanical strength.

Can stick 3M back glue without damaging walls or wooden boards.

It should be noted that 0.4mm ultra-thin neodymium magnets are magnets rather than iron, very brittle and easily broken, the use of which requires extra attention, can not be 2 magnets against the suction, otherwise it is easy to break.

If you need to buy such ultra-thin rare earth neodymium magnets, we are undoubtedly a good choice, not only neodymium iron boron, ferrite, samarium cobalt can also be processed into ultra-thin size.

Ultra-thin and very thin magnet processing case;

1mm diameter thin neodymium magnet round 1mm x 0.4mm

0.4mm thick small thin smco block magnet with missing corner

Ultra thin strong magnets radial ring 6.5 x 3.5 x 0.5 mm

Length width 10mm flat square magnet n52 10 x 10 x 0.5 mm

1 9/16" Ultra Thin Sintered Ceramic Block Magnet 40x20x0.65mm

Examples of ultra-thin magnet applications;

Application of Ultra Thin Magnets in Portable LED Lights

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