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Cylindrical Grinding Process of Magnets

Cylindrical grinding of magnets? What does this mean? Today, this article will provide you with a detailed introduction to the process of cylindrical grinding of magnets, the selection of processing equipment and tools, and precautions, etc. I hope it will help you.

What is cylindrical grinding process? Why do magnets need cylindrical grinding?

Cylindrical grinding processing refers to the process of fine grinding and dressing the outer surface of magnet products. Through this step, it can ensure that the magnet diameter size, roundness and surface roughness and other indicators in line with the design requirements, improve the quality and performance of the product. When the customer for the magnet diameter requirements are more stringent need to carry out cylindrical grinding processing.

In terms of processing equipment and tool selection, specialized equipment such as cylindrical grinders and cylindrical grinders are usually used to ensure efficient and accurate processing of cylindrical. Grinding tools commonly used are grinding wheels and CBN (cubic boron nitride) grinding tools. CBN grinding tools have high hardness and wear resistance, and are suitable for the processing of hard materials, while grinding wheels are suitable for the grinding of general materials.

Cylindrical neodymium magnets are shown in the picture.


Several steps of magnet cylindrical grinding process;

Rough grinding: the purpose is to remove the oxidized skin and machining marks on the blank, and make the outer circle roughly the required size.

Semi-fine grinding: on the basis of rough grinding to further improve the roundness, cylindricity and surface roughness of the outer circle.

Precision grinding: Precision grinding is the last process of cylindrical grinding, which requires very high dimensional accuracy and surface finish, and is usually more expensive.

Ultra-fine grinding: rarely used by customers.


In the grinding process, the use of appropriate coolant can effectively reduce the temperature, reduce the thermal deformation during grinding and improve the grinding efficiency.

Cylindrical grinding process is an indispensable link in the production of magnet products, which is directly related to the precision and surface quality of the product, through reasonable equipment selection, tool selection and process control, can ensure that the cylindrical grinding process to achieve the expected results to meet customer demand and improve the competitiveness of the product.

Introduction to related magnet processing;

Special shaped magnets processing process flo

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