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Security Magnets For Doors

Door anti-theft magnet is a common security device, mainly used to prevent unauthorized personnel from opening the door, widely used in home and commercial security systems, mainly consists of a magnetic sensor (or known as a reed switch), magnet two parts.

Usually when the door or window is closed, the switch contacts are influenced by the magnet field to form a conductive state; when the door or window is opened illegally, the magnet is far away from the switch and the switch contacts are disconnected, i.e. the alarm is triggered.

Installation position of security magnets for doors;

The magnet part is installed on the door or window frame, while the magnetic sensor is installed on the corresponding part of the door or window. The two fit tightly together when the door or window is closed.

Ferrite Magnet Block for Home Burglar Alarm Door Magnetic Switch

Security Magnets For Doors

Security magnet material for doors;

Mainly rare earth neodymium and ceramic ferrite these 2 kinds, ferrite will be used more.

Security magnets for doors shape and size;

Anti-theft magnets for doors come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different door types and security needs. The main shapes are round, cylindrical and bar.

Common sizes for round magnets are 15x5mm and 28x10mm.

Cylindrical shapes are commonly available in sizes 24x25mm, 11.5x17.5mm, 19x25mm, 10x29mm.

Common sizes for block/bar shape are 7x9x25mm, 10x10x25mm, 25x5x3mm, 34x14x7.6mm, 66x13x13mm, 106x50x50mm.

Security magnets have the advantage of being easy to install, relatively low cost and do not require complex wiring, making them suitable for all types of residential and commercial premises as a basic intrusion prevention measure. However, it is only one part of a security system, and more comprehensive security usually requires a combination of other technologies such as infrared sensing and surveillance cameras.

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Help file;

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