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3500 Gauss Magnets Benefits And Dimensions

3500 gauss magnets, usually refers to high-performance neodymium-iron-boron magnets, this magnet compared to other types of magnets have the following many significant advantages, the following bit by bit.

The first is the powerful magnetic properties, 3500 gauss in the bare magnetic state of neodymium iron boron belongs to the middle of the high, with a relatively strong level of magnetic force, which means that in the same volume, neodymium iron boron magnets can produce a stronger magnetic field strength.

Because of its strong magnetic properties, 3500 gauss magnets can be made lightweight and miniaturized, which plays a big role in the lightweight and compact design of some products or equipment.

With a wide range of applications, from consumer electronics to automotive components to wind power and aerospace, 3500 gauss magnets are used in a variety of high-tech and high-performance products because of their superior performance.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, although the initial cost may be higher than some traditional magnets, such as ferrite magnets, their long-term energy efficiency improvement and space savings often bring better cost-effectiveness.

Nickel plated cylindrical neodymium magnets 3500 gauss or more

Nickel plated cylindrical neodymium magnets 3500 gauss or more

3500 gauss magnet temperature resistance range and shape and size;

Although standard NdFeB magnets are sensitive to high temperatures, you can choose a high temperature resistance grade that can can greatly increase its temperature resistance range, such as temperature resistance of 120 degrees Celsius, 150 degrees Celsius, 180 degrees Celsius and so on.

Shapes and sizes: To meet the needs of different applications, 3500 gauss magnets can be processed into blocks, rings, cylinders, arcs and other shapes, and the size specifications are customized according to the requirements of customers, which makes them extremely flexible.

Surface magnetic field strength can be up to 3500 gauss for magnet size reference;

N35 grade 4x4mm cylindrical neodymium magnets with an apparent magnetic strength of around 3600 gauss.

N35 grade 7mm diameter, 5mm thick round rare earth magnets with surface magnetic strength around 3900 gauss.

N35 grade 10mm x 5mm round disk neodymium magnets with a surface magnetism of around 3800 gauss.

N35 grade 8x5x4mm neodymium block magnets with surface magnetism around 3690 gauss.

N35 grade 12.5x6x3.5mm neodymium block magnets with surface magnetism around 3600 gauss.

Sintered NdFeB N35 performance of length 30mm, width 12mm, thickness 5.5mm, surface magnetism is around 3700 gauss.

50x50x10mm neodymium square magnets with N35 grade have the highest apparent magnetism around 3800 gauss.

As you can see from some of the specifications listed above, it is still easy for NdFeB magnets to reach 3500 gauss, and in many cases the common N35 grade will suffice.

Above is the introduction of the advantages of the article 3500 gauss magnet, our company is a permanent magnet manufacturer in China, if you need customized 3500 gauss magnet, 4000 gauss magnet, 5000 gauss magnet welcome to contact us.

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