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Difference between different colors of magnetic field viewing film

Magnetic pole viewer card sheet is a special tool used to detect the distribution of magnetic lines of force and magnetic poles after magnetization of magnetic materials, through which you can also see the position of the magnet, made of transparent plastic sheet, containing tiny magnetic particles inside, there are mainly two kinds of green and yellow on the market at the present time, and there are also colorful (showing the effect), there are some netizens who ask what is the difference between them?

The picture below shows the yellow magnetic pole viewer paper, Magnetic field display sheet

yellow magnetic pole viewer paper

In addition to the difference in appearance, the biggest difference between the yellow and green magnetic pole display sheets is that the yellow color is better in terms of usage effect. When the magnet against the past, the yellow magnetic display sheet in addition to a clearer display of the magnetic poles, but also has no trace of the effect, that is, remove the magnet, there is no magnetic poles distributed in the card display, as if it had not been used.

Besides, the colored magnetic pole display card is that the display will be colored (see the picture below for the effect of using it), and like the yellow color, it will not be shaded (not leave a mark) after using it.

Colorful Magnetic Field Magnetic Line Observation Film

Colorful Magnetic Field Magnetic Line Observation Film

Can you see how the above shows a ring magnet that magnetizes how many poles?

So, whether the magnetic pole viewer film is yellow, green, or colored, they all have the same function, which is to show magnetic lines of force when close to a magnet, and they can all be reused for a long period of time, with only a slight difference in the display.

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Function and use of magnetic pole viewer film

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