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Hard Drive Magnets [Function Material Supplier]

Computer hard disk is divided into many types, such as solid state hard disk, mechanical hard disk, hybrid hard disk and so on. Solid state drives often do not have magnets, but we use mechanical hard drives will be used as a core component of the magnet, the following is the hard drive magnet material, shape, purpose, magnetization direction related to the introduction.

What is the material of the magnet in the hard(HDD) drive? Shape? Uses?

The magnets in the hard disk are rare-earth strong magnets, or what we call neodymium magnets, also known as neodymium magnets. Usually there are two strong magnets inside a hard disk, top and bottom, which are shaped like arcs and have very strong magnetic properties. The two magnets create a strong constant magnetic field. In the middle of the two strong magnets, the coil at the end of the hard disk's magnetic head will be suspended in the middle, and the coil will form a magnetic field when it is energized. The magnetic field of the magnet and the magnetic field of the coil repel each other, driving the head to move precisely to read the disk.

Accompanied by pictures of neodymium arc magnets for hard drives

neodymium arc magnets for hard drives

The primary purpose of using magnets in hard disk drives (HDDs) is to enable precise control of the head positioning system. In a traditional mechanical hard drive, data is stored on rotating magnetic platters (disks), and the component that reads and writes this data is one or more magnetic heads suspended at tiny distances from the surface of the platters. These heads must be able to move quickly and precisely between different positions on the platter in order to read or write data, a process called seek.

Can hard drives be damaged by magnets?

Solid state drives will not, flash memory does not rely on magnetic media storage records, so do not worry about magnetic.

In the case of mechanical hard drives, ordinary black magnets won't, neodymium magnets are possible, just possible, if they are large enough and magnetic enough to stick to the hard drive.

Direction of magnetization of the hard disk drive magnet;

Direction of magnetization of the hard disk drive magnet

Read-write head magnets usually use radial magnetization, that is, the direction of magnetization perpendicular to the disk surface. This type of magnetization can generate a large enough vertical magnetic field gradient on the disk surface, thus improving the detection of the magnetization state of the disk surface and the ability to write.

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