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Magnetization and processes of SmCo rare earth permanent magnets

In the previous articles, we have introduced samarium cobalt is also a kind of rare earth magnet, as well as introduced the different shapes of samarium cobalt magnet processing methods, today to tell you about samarium cobalt rare earth permanent magnet magnetization methods and processes.

Samarium cobalt permanent magnets are not magnetic when they are made well, and they have to be magnetized with other magnets as well, and the method of magnetization is pulse magnetization, using the magnetizing machine equipment.

Pulse magnetizers work by using a power supply or other current source to generate an instantaneous pulse of high intensity current. This is usually accomplished by charging a capacitor, using a high voltage pulse generator or other power source. The generated current pulse is passed through a coil to the permanent magnet material. The coil is usually wrapped around the permanent magnet material to ensure that the current pulse is effectively delivered to the material. Due to the high intensity of the current pulse, it generates a transient high intensity magnetic field in the PM material. This instantaneous magnetic field is sufficient to change the direction of the magnetic moment inside the permanent magnet material, magnetizing it.


How is the magnetization process of samarium cobalt magnet?

1、Before magnetization, you need to do some preparations for samarium cobalt magnets, such as cleaning the surface, removing possible pollutants, to ensure better magnetization effect.

2、First of all, you need to determine the magnetization direction of samarium cobalt magnets, which is very important and safe for customers' requirements.

3、Package the magnets, and add gaskets between the products, except for single piece magnetization.

4、Put the product into the magnetizing machine magnetizing coil for magnetization, magnet magnet magnetizing coil must be stuffed tightly in the state, with a hand press.

5、Package the magnetized products according to customers' requirements.

Well, about the samarium cobalt permanent magnet magnetization method and magnetization process is introduced to this, there is a need to buy samarium cobalt magnets welcome to call us for advice.

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