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Ceramic Ferrite Magnets y40-1 Grade Performance BH Curves

Dongguan Courage magnet manufacturers have long been providing customers with a variety of motor permanent magnet ferrite square/block, ferrite (arc) tile magnets, multi-pole ferrite rotor ring, customers who need samples or quotes are welcome to contact our company.

Today we share with you about ferrite y40-1, y40 ferrite remanent coercive force and performance curve diagram.

Y40-1 is a high-performance grade of ferrite, with a remanent magnetization BR of 440-460mt and a coercivity of 330-354ka/m. Customers who have more data choose to use Y30, Y30BH, and Y35 grades.

Ferrite Permanent Magnet y40-1 Performance (Demagnetization) Curves

Ferrite Permanent Magnet y40-1 Performance (Demagnetization) Curves

Y40 grade ferrite magnets are commonly used in a variety of applications including motors, sensors, electric suction cups, audio equipment, and more. They have stable magnetic properties, high coercivity and remanence, and good temperature characteristics. Meanwhile, Y40 ferrite magnets can be made into different shapes and sizes to suit different application requirements.

Y40 ferrite magnet products;

High grade y40 anisotropy arc ferrite magnet [quotation supplier]

Correlated ferrite magnetization (BH) curves

Ceramic Ferrite Magnets BH Curve Y25 Y30 Y30BH Y35

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