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Magnet Blog

Main types of rectangular magnets with holes

Rectangular magnet with holes is a common magnet shape, usually made of rare earth NdFeB material with strong magnetic force, its main feature is having one or more holes, these holes can be used to mount or fix the magnet to meet specific needs and design requirements.

The holes of rectangular magnets with holes can be countersunk (screw holes) or straight (through holes), the following are a few main types of rectangular magnets with holes.

1. Single-hole 1 hole rectangular magnets

Rectangular magnets with a single hole in the center are suitable for applications where they need to be fixed to a shaft or post, or to fit into a pin.

The picture below shows a rectangular neodymium magnet with a countersunk hole in the middle
Rectangular magnet with 1 countersunk hole

2. Double 2 Hole Rectangular Magnets

In addition to the center hole, a hole is added on each diagonal of the rectangular magnet, which can enhance the symmetry and solidity of the installation, and also facilitate the fixing of screws in different directions.

3. Quadrature magnet with holes

A hole in each of the four corners of the rectangular magnet, so that no matter from which direction the installation is very convenient, but also with different shapes of the bolt fixing needs.

4. Magnets with Holes for Special Positions

For some special structural needs, we also design unique rectangular magnets with mounting holes in specific areas, which are all customized designs.

Above are some types of rectangular perforated magnets introduction, if you need to buy or customize perforated rectangular magnets you can contact Courageous Magnet manufacturer for price inquiry.

Rectangular magnet with hole processing case;

50mm rare earth rectangle magnet with M4 hole 50x30x20mm

Gold Plated Rectangular Magnet With Two Screw Holes

Neodymium rectangular pot channel magnet with holes at both ends

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