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Magnet Blog

Coating of Samarium Cobalt Magnets(SmCo)

Samarium cobalt magnet is a kind of rare earth magnet, usually composed of samarium, cobalt, iron and other elements, the main characteristic is high temperature resistance, 250 ℃-350 ℃, it is widely used in the manufacture of motors, sensors, medical equipment, disk drives, ovens and other electronic devices, this article will you detailed information about the plating of samarium cobalt magnets.

Benefits of adding coatings to samarium cobalt magnets

Coating is the process of covering the surface of a material with a layer of a specific material. In the field of magnets, samarium cobalt magnets may be coated with a layer of material used to protect or improve performance. Plating can improve the magnet's corrosion resistance, increase its service life, and improve surface properties. Some common plating materials include nickel, chrome, gold or other metals. These coatings can also improve the appearance and texture of the magnet and provide additional protection.

Uncoated Samarium Cobalt Magnets

Uncoated Samarium Cobalt Magnets

Can smco magnets be used without plating?

Samarium Cobalt magnets have a certain corrosion resistance by themselves, so if the environmental conditions are mild, the corrosion resistance of the magnet is not required, and no additional protection is needed for a specific application, then it may be possible to consider not plating the magnet.

Samarium Cobalt magnet coating types;

Nickel, zinc, gold or epoxy or other coatings are available if you need a coating with an attractive appearance or enhanced corrosion protection.

Above is the relevant introduction about the surface treatment of samarium cobalt magnet, the appearance of samarium cobalt magnets with coating is the same as neodymium iron boron.

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