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Magnet Blog

Application Fields of Fourth Generation SmFeN Magnets

As a new generation of high-performance rare earth permanent magnet material, the fourth generation of samarium iron nitride magnet has the following main application fields.

1、Electric and hybrid vehicles

Fourth generation Samarium Iron Nitride magnets can be used in the motors of electric and hybrid vehicles to improve efficiency and range. High magnetic properties and high temperature stability make them ideal for these applications.

2、High speed motors and drives

Samarium Iron Nitride magnets are used in all kinds of high speed motors, such as spindle motors and air conditioning compressor motors.

3、Wind Turbine Generator

Wind turbines need efficient magnetic materials to generate electricity. 4th generation Samarium Iron Nitride magnets can be used in the generator part of wind turbines to improve the energy conversion efficiency.

4、Magnetic Resonance Imaging

In the medical field, MRI equipment needs powerful magnets to generate magnetic field, fourth generation Samarium Iron Nitride magnets can improve the performance of MRI equipment and provide higher image quality and resolution.

5、Magnetic Mechanical Transmission

Used in magnetic couplings, magnetic bearings and other mechanical transmission, no wear and lubrication problems.


Samarium Iron Nitride magnets can be used in magnetic sensors for measuring and detecting magnetic fields. These sensors are used in automation control, navigation, security systems and medical equipment.

7、Electronic equipment

The fourth generation of Samarium Iron Nitride Magnets can be used for sensors and actuators in electronic equipment, such as audio equipment, hard disk drives, magnetic storage devices, and so on.


In aerospace applications, Samarium Iron Nitride magnets can be used for magnetic components in satellites, missiles, and navigation systems because they maintain their performance under extreme temperature and environmental conditions.

9、Magnetic Devices

Samarium Iron Nitride Magnets can be used in various magnetic devices, such as magnets, magnetic field generators and magnetic fixtures.

10、Home Appliances

It can be applied in air conditioner, video camera, camera, washing machine, vacuum cleaner and so on.

As a new material, Samarium Iron Nitride Magnet has a broad application prospect, and its application scope will be expanded with the advancement of industrialization.

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