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Requirements for installing 4 pieces arc shaped magnets in DC motor

The installation of the motor arc magnets is very important, because it directly affects the performance of the motor and the stability of the operation, the following is a reply to the question of what are the requirements for the installation of the DC motor 4 pieces of magnetic tiles put forward by the netizen.

1, Location of the arc shaped magnets

Magnetic tiles should be properly installed on the rotor of the motor, usually on the core of the motor, and the installation position should be consistent with the motor design specifications to ensure proper flux distribution.

2, Polarity

Ensure that the polarity of the magnetic tiles is correct. Usually, neighboring tiles should have opposite polarity, which helps to produce an even magnetic field.

3, Gap of arc magnets (magnetic tile)

Leave a proper gap between the magnetic tile and the motor core to allow the rotor to rotate freely.

The following pictures show neodymium arc segmented magnets.


4, Installation angle of curved magnets

The installation angle of the arc magnet may have an impact on the performance of the motor, the specific angle depends on the design requirements of the motor, to ensure that the arc magnet is installed in accordance with the correct angle.

5, Selection of adhesive

Use the appropriate adhesive to paste the arc magnet to the rotor or stator of the motor, the adhesive should be able to withstand high temperatures and high speed rotation.

6, Pressure and drying time

After installation, apply moderate pressure to ensure that the adhesive is fully cured. The drying time of the adhesive depends on the specific type of adhesive and follows the manufacturer's recommendations.

Please note that different types of DC motors may have different requirements and it is recommended that the relevant motor manufacturer's installation guide and specification sheet be consulted prior to installation of the arc magnet to ensure that the arc magnet is correctly installed to meet the performance and reliability requirements of the motor.

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