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Function Type And Material of Bicycle Folding Magnets

In addition to ordinary conventional magnets, our company has a variety of shaped and component magnets can choose to buy and customize, and bicycle folding magnets are also a component choice for many businesses to improve their competitiveness. Today, we will introduce the role, type and material of bicycle folding magnets.

First, The function of the bicycle folding magnet

The function of the bicycle folding magnet is to draw the front and rear wheels of the folding car after folding, and it is not easy to spread. In the folding process, the car can be manually folded or unfolded without the help of tools, and the seat rod can be used as a support point after folding so that the vehicle can stand steady after folding. The folding joint and magnetic buckle are arranged in the folding car, which is the most critical for the folding car. The folding joint withstands pressure from all sides while being simple to operate, the magnetic buckle provides stability between the two wheels after folding. Folding magnets make the bike more convenient to carry and use.

Secondly, The type of bicycle folding magnetic buckle

There are usually two types of stacked magnet buckle: the first type is round, also known as O-shaped. The second is 8-shaped.

Initially, they all used O-shaped magnets. In order to expand the contact surface design and increase compatibility, the 8-shaped magnet buckle came into being. Circular magnets are only suitable for some old models to use, and the new 8-shaped magnets have a wider range of use and stronger absorption capacity.

Bicycle Folding Magnets

Third, The material of bicycle folding magnet

Bicycle folding magnet material is NdFeb magnet, it belongs to NdFeb magnetic components, in simple terms, is pot magnet. There are two types of O-shaped magnets that belong to countersunk hole pot magnets. The 8-shaped magnet belongs to the internal thread of the pot magnet.

The above is a brief introduction to the role, material and type of bicycle folding magnets. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you still have any magnet issues you would like to know about, you can go to Courage magnet manufacturer FAQ or Courage magnet manufacturer Blog to see if there are related streets, or contact us and follow our website.

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