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Rare earth neodymium magnets delivery time

How long does it take to deliver NdFeB strong magnets? This a lot of customers in the order is more concerned about a problem, magnet delivery period with the magnet performance requirements, specifications, quantity, surface treatment methods are related, we need to understand the neodymium iron boron magnet production process and processing flow, and then come back to analyze and discuss the delivery period need how many days?

Manufacturing process of NdFeB magnets

The manufacturing process of NdFeB blanks is a powder metallurgy process, and the blank production process mainly includes several processes, such as melting (dumping belt), powder making, molding, sintering, and magnetic property testing. Blank production cycle is only 5-7 days, but blank manufacturers need to arrange equipment and personnel according to their own production plan, generally from the order to the blank out of about 10-18 days. Some manufacturers may need 20-40 days during peak season. Detailed production process can be referred to here - How are NdFeB permanent magnets made?

Rare earth neodymium arc sectioned magnet

Machining of rare earth neodymium magnets

When we have the blanks with customer demand performance, we only need to consider the machining and surface treatment time later. Processing mainly includes, grinding, wire cutting, slicing, some also need punching and countersinking, and finally chamfering and plating (surface treatment), in general, the ordinary machining 5-7 days, chamfering and plating 2-3 days, the overall post-processing time is about 7-10 days. If you need to punch and countersink processing, you also have to consider the time to customize the tooling and drilling, and the efficiency of punching and countersinking will not be too high, the time is a little longer.

What is the fastest delivery time for neodymium magnets?

Of course, if you don't count the cost, the general square and arc shaped can be delivered in 4-5 days if there are blanks. But this is very easy to disrupt the original production order, the normal scheduling of production orders adversely affected, but also may be busy in the middle of a mistake, the final loss is not worth it. Therefore, we generally reply to the customer in the case of blanks, sample delivery is 7-10 days, the bulk of the delivery period is 15 days. If new blanks are needed, it may take 25-35 days.

Then again, because the delivery capacity and operational efficiency of each magnet supplier may be different, so the delivery time will be different, the specific delivery time is best to consult the specific manufacturer, I hope the above information can help you, there is a need to buy strong neodymium magnets, samarium cobalt magnets, ceramic ferrite magnets, welcome to contact us.

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