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Several Reasons for the Weakening of Magnetic Grate Magnetism

Some customers feedback that: the magnetic force of the magnetic grate separators they use is getting worse and worse, and the adsorption force is getting weaker and weaker. Today, permanent magnet manufacturers courage magnet xiaofu briefly explain, the magnetic source of the magnetic grate in principle can be used for a long time without demagnetization, but there are often a variety of factors affecting the magnetic force and make the gradual weakening.

1. Temperature effect

The magnetic grate separators may be affected by temperature during use. High temperature can cause the magnetic properties of magnetic materials to weaken or completely lose, so if the magnetic frame is used in a high-temperature environment, its magnetic force may weaken.

2. Material aging

The magnetic materials in the magnetic grate may age over time, leading to a decrease in magnetic force. This aging can be caused by changes in the microstructure of the material or loss of magnetic particles.

The accompanying picture shows the casing type magnetic grate separator

Cased Magnetic Grate Separators

3. External magnetic field interference

External strong magnetic fields or electromagnetic interference may have a negative impact on the performance of the magnetic frame, leading to a weakening of its magnetic force. In this case, the magnetic frame needs to be re magnetized or recalibrated.

4. Improper use:

If the magnetic grate is subjected to severe impact, vibration, or excessive load during use, the magnetic material may be damaged, thereby reducing the magnetic force.

5. Pollution and corrosion

The surface of the magnetic grate may be contaminated or corroded, which can also affect its performance. For example, contamination of the magnetic surface of a magnetic frame may reduce its adsorption force.

These are some of the possible causes of magnetic weakening of a magnetic grate separator. To maintain the performance of a magnetic frame, regular maintenance and inspection is usually required to ensure that its magnetic material is in good condition and to avoid inappropriate conditions of use. If the magnetic weakening is severe, it may be necessary to replace the magnetic material or the entire magnetic frame.

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