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What is the use of measuring the surface magnetic field of a magnet?

We often find that some customers’ magnet drawing technical requirements or remarks area have requirements for the magnet's surface magnetism. Some customers will also ask us to measure the magnetism of the table before shipment, and make a test report, then measure the magnetism. What is the use of steel (magnet) magnets? With everyone's doubts, let's talk about it below.

What is the use of measuring the magnetic steel surface magnet?

Judge and compare the performance of magnets
Customers often judge and compare the performance of magnets by comparing the magnetometers (in the case of non-multipole magnetization, etc.). For some very large or very small magnets with special shapes, it is difficult to measure the magnetic flux. At this time, the meter magnetism appears Very important.

Ensure the stability of the product

In the process of product design, customers have passed various data tests. Magnets will only play the best role in that Gaussian environment. If the magnetism of the meter is lower or higher than the design, it will cause the magnet to perform. The performance is poor, and the desired effect is not even achieved.
The above is about the editor's own opinions on the usefulness of measuring magnetic steel. Customers who need to purchase magnets are welcome to contact Carriage permanent magnet manufacturers.

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