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Miniature neodymium magnets in smartphones and personal electronics

Neodymium magnets are invisible components of every smartphone, and these tiny magnets are crucial to the functionality of the phone, working silently inside the phone. These internal magnets are typically used for speakers, receivers, vibration mode motors, tactile feedback motors, and camera autofocus mechanisms.

The use of rare earth small strong magnets around smartphones includes earplugs, headphones, Magnetic protective case, and wall chargers (wall chargers using magnetic connectors).

Here are some of the main applications for miniature Ndfeb magnets in smartphones and personal electronics:

1. Loudspeaker telephone

The first speaker phone magnets were single-magnet designs, but smartphones are getting thinner and consumers are demanding higher quality sound and reliability from smartphones, so now the number of magnets in speakers has increased to 2-5 magnets as designers create form factors that meet these new requirements.

2. Receiver

The receiver is a phone microphone, and like speakerphones, the receiver was originally made of a single magnet, but now often features a dual magnet design, which, like speaker magnets, is due to the thinner design of the latest high-tech smartphones.

3. Smartphone camera

Autofocus cameras typically use voice coil motors (VCM) because VCM is very fast and precise over short distances, and they are designed to move the speaker dome in the same way that the camera lens moves. Each camera's autofocus motor uses 2-4 magnets.

Neodymium magnets are used in smartphones and personal electronics;

Miniature neodymium magnets in smartphones and personal electronics

4. Vibration motor and haptic feedback motor

Vibrating motors have been around for a long time, when your phone is set to vibrate, it is a silent ring motor, vibrating motors use a magnet.

Most smartphones now have a second vibrating motor. This is a haptic feedback motor. You know that little "bump" you feel when you press a button on your smartphone? That "bump" came from the haptic feedback engine.

5. Magnetic sensor

Many smartphones are equipped with magnetic sensors, such as compasses and magnetometers, for navigation and positioning functions. These sensors usually contain miniature Ndfeb magnets.

6. In-ear headphones and headsets

Ndfeb magnets make earphones smaller, and the sound quality is greatly improved than the old earphones made with old technology. If there is no NdFeb magnets to make miniaturization possible, there will be no high-quality earplugs.

7. Magnetic protective case

Some mobile phone and electronic product accessories use magnetic buckles or magnets to provide a more convenient user experience. These designs typically use miniature neodymium iron boron magnets to achieve strong connection forces.


The application of micro-Ndfeb magnets in smartphones and personal electronic products makes these devices more efficient, convenient and feature-rich. Their widespread use in these devices is due to their strong magnetic properties and relatively small size.

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