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Purpose of Neodymium Magnet Grinding Chamfering

NdFeB magnet is a common high-performance permanent magnet material, it is mainly used in a variety of electronic products, motors, sensors, electro-acoustic, machinery and equipment, etc. In some customer drawings, often see the requirements of grinding chamfer, what is its role or purpose? This article today, Fu will be introduced to this issue.

Benefit one: safer to use

NdFeB material is relatively hard, not chamfered edges sharp, may lead to staff scratches or injuries in the operation process.

Benefit 2: Easy to assemble

After grinding and chamfering NdFeB magnets with rounded edges, they are better for assembly and are not easy to scratch and damage the fittings.

Inverted R-angle neodymium square magnet

Benefit 3, longer life

Chamfered R angle or C angle NdFeB magnets are more resistant to impacts, and are less likely to be damaged or destroyed by impacts.

Benefit 4: Improve the adhesion of plating layer

Right-angled edge of the magnet surface area is small, the plating layer is easy to fall off, chamfering design can increase the surface area, improve the adhesion of the plating layer, better protection of the magnet.

Above is the neodymium and ferrite magnets supplier Courage xiaofu for you to introduce a few about neodymium iron boron magnet grinding chamfer (R angle or C angle) benefits and reasons, do you understand?

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