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Is the magnet axial and radial magnetization pull the same?

About the magnet's axial magnetization and radial magnetization previously issued a number of articles, interested in clicking on the "magnet axial magnetization vs diameter magnetization" to read, which has a schematic, and today I saw a netizen asked radial magnetization and axial magnetization products suction force is the same? Special article briefly described.

Is the suction (pull) of radial and axial magnetizing products the same?

Not the same. The magnet magnetization method is different, its working surface (use surface Adsorption surface) will be different, the suction size and the magnet specifications of the size, performance grade, thickness, use, contact area and so on.

Below is a small round neodymium magnet that can be magnetized either axially or radially.


Taking radial magnetization as an example, its strong magnetic surface is on the side. If a D10x2mm circular magnet is magnetized radially, its maximum strong magnetic surface is on the 2mm side of the edge, while axial magnetization is different. Its maximum strong magnetic surface is on the end face, and the contact area (10mm surface) will be larger, so the suction force is naturally greater. Therefore, in this case, the suction force of axial magnetization is greater.

As a result, the pull of a magnet under radial magnetization and axial magnetization may differ for a given direction and a given object. Certain objects may be more readily attracted to a magnetic field in one direction, while the attraction of a magnetic field in the other direction may be weaker.

Determining the pulling force of a magnet in a specific situation requires consideration of factors such as the shape of the magnet, the method of magnetization, the characteristics of the object to be attracted, and the relative position between the two.

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