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What is a flat magnets? What types and use are there?

Flat magnet as one of the advantages of the courage magnet manufacturers, it is necessary to introduce this kind of magnet, the following is flat magnet is made of what material? What are the common shape types, where to use and so on.

The picture below shows a flat-plate rectangular neodymium magnets

flat-plate rectangular neodymium magnet

What is a flat magnets?

Flat magnets, also known as thin magnets, are generally small in thickness, ranging from 0.4 mm to 2 mm, and they can be made from a variety of magnet materials, such as neodymium, samarium cobalt, ceramic ferrite, and rubber magnetic materials. According to the product needs, the strongest magnetic properties among these materials are neodymium flat magnets, which belong to rare earth strong magnets.

What are the shapes and types of flat thin magnets?

Flat magnets come in a variety of shapes, the common ones are round flat magnets, rectangular flat magnets, square flat magnets, ring flat magnets, large flat magnets, small size flat magnets, special custom shaped flat magnets, flat magnets with adhesive, flat magnets with screw holes, etc. ......

Advantages of flat magnets:

Thin magnets usually have smaller thickness and weight, which makes them very useful in equipment with limited space or high weight requirements.

Customizability, can process thin magnets of different shapes and sizes according to your needs, including temperature resistance and magnetic properties.

Flat magnet applications;

Flat thin magnets can be widely used in magnetic sensors, packaging, lamps, leather goods, handbags, instrumentation, smart home, wearable devices, etc.,.

If your company needs to buy flat magnets in large quantities, our company is your good choice, with strong processing strength and high and stable magnet performance, looking forward to your inquiry.

Flat magnet processing cases;

Diameter 8mm flat disc neodymium magnet D8 x 1mm thick

0.5mm thick ultra thin flat rectangular strong magnet 30x18x0.5mm

Small flat rectangular ferrite block 0.6mm thick [image price custom]

Small flat round magnets Dia 3mm x 0.9mm thick N52

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