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How flat can a flat round circular magnet be?

How flat are the relatively flat round magnets you've ever seen? 1mm? Or 2mm, different people have different understandings of flat magnets, and some people even call 10mm thick magnets flat magnets, today this article mainly shares with you how flat (thin) circular magnets can be.

Flat magnets, can also be called thin magnets, customers demand more shapes are flat rectangular magnets, flat circular magnets, flat ring magnets, flat square magnets, the material is generally based on neodymium, because this material has a stronger magnetic, in addition, ceramic ferrite can also be processed relatively flat, thickness within 1mm can be processed.

The picture shows a 0.5mm thick flat round rare earth strong magnets;

0.5mm thick flat round rare earth strong magnets

How flat (thin) can a flat magnet be?

Flat magnet flatness depends on the length, width and thickness of the magnet ratio, longer length and smaller thickness can make the magnet flatter, for the courage magnet manufacturers, flat neodymium magnet thickness can be processed at about 0.4mm, flat ferrite magnet thickness can be processed at about 0.6mm, depending on the length width or diameter size, Because if the size is too large, it is difficult to process.

Flat magnets can have a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the specific design needs, flat magnets can do more flat and magnet manufacturers have a relationship, if you want to find a more powerful, precision tolerance of the strong flat thin circle/ring/square magnet supplier, we will be your good choice.

Note: Flat circular magnets can be backed with adhesive and can be magnetized axially or radially. The surface can be galvanized, nickel, or other materials. It is worth noting that it is easy to break and avoid impact. If the distance exceeds 5 centimeters, the magnet or iron sheet can easily break into two halves.

Thin round magnet samples you may be looking for;

1mm small diameter thin neodymium magnet round 1mm x 0.4mm

Strong Thin Neodymium Magnet Disc 10mm x 0.4mm Thick

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