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Which performance grade neodymium magnet should I buy?

NdFeB powerful magnets of numerous grades and grades, a difference of one grade offer will be a lot of difference, especially the specifications are relatively large, then choose a lower grade okay? In response to the problem Courage permanent magnet manufacturers give the following advice.

In terms of application requirements

First of all, it depends on what products the purchased powerful permanent magnets are used on, if your application requires high magnetic energy density, such as in brushless motors, magnetic sensors or other devices that require a strong magnetic field, you may need to choose a strong magnetic grade with high magnetic energy density. If it is used in some low value products, as long as it plays a simple adsorption role, such as for some packaging boxes, leather handbags and other products, you do not need too high performance, N35 grade is basically enough.

Then again, sometimes applications require long-term stability and reliability of magnetic properties, in which case you may need to choose a strong magnetic grade with good magnetic stability.

Cylindrical ndfeb magnet with a small hole in the center


For working environment

If the magnet needs to work in a high temperature environment, you may need to choose a strong magnetic grade that can maintain good magnetic properties at high temperatures, such as H, SH or above grade.

For applications in corrosive environments with high humidity, you may need to select a suitable plating for the magnet, such as black epoxy or other.

Cost and Availability

Prices for different grades of strong magnets can vary significantly, and performance needs to be weighed against cost when budgets are limited.

Summary: What grade of NdFeB strong magnets to choose mainly based on the specific needs of the application, weighing factors such as performance, environmental conditions, cost and availability, in making the choice, such as not clear that it is recommended to communicate with our magnet manufacturers.

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