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What factors are related to the magnetic decay of neodymium magnets?

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) permanent magnet materials are increasingly widely used in electronics, medical, automotive and other fields. However, as a strong magnetic material, NdFeB permanent magnets in the use of the process may appear magnetic attenuation phenomenon, today this article is mainly to introduce its attenuation and what factors (reasons) related.

1. Temperature

NdFeB permanent magnet material is sensitive to temperature, high temperature will lead to the decline of its magnetic properties. Usually, when the temperature rises, the magnetic capacity of permanent magnets will decrease. This is because high temperature causes changes in the internal microstructure of the permanent magnet material, destroying the orderly arrangement of magnetic domains.

2. External magnetic field effects

NdFeB permanent magnet materials may undergo magnetization deflection when affected by a strong external magnetic field, resulting in a decrease in magnetic properties. This effect is reversible, i.e., once the external magnetic field is removed, the permanent magnet can restore the original magnetic properties.

Pictured are 5mm x 1.5mm rare earth round neodymium magnets.


3. Humidity and corrosion

Humidity and corrosion may cause oxidation on the surface of the permanent magnet, which in turn affects the magnetic properties.

4. Mechanical Stress

Large mechanical stresses may lead to changes in the internal microstructure of the permanent magnet, disrupting the orderly arrangement of the magnetic domains.

In order to maximize the magnetic properties of NdFeB permanent magnet materials, attention needs to be paid to controlling the temperature, avoiding the influence of strong external magnetic fields, preventing humidity and corrosion, and reducing mechanical stress during design and use. This can improve the service life and performance stability of permanent magnets.

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