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Higher the surface magnetic data, the stronger the suction?

About the magnet surface magnetism data higher it is not the greater the magnetic force of the problem is often asked by customers, are you also have doubts? Look down, you will understand after reading.

This question should be divided into situations, the first: if two pieces of the same size, shape of the magnet, the table magnetization of the larger the piece, the greater the magnetic force. The second: the shape or size of the two magnets are not the same, with a comparison of the table magnetic value to determine the strength of the magnetism, there is no practical reference significance.

The following pictures are 5040 gauss hollow cylindrical neodymium magnets

5040 gauss hollow cylindrical neodymium magnets

So why do so many magnet factories measure table magnetism? Because table magnetism is the most effective and quickest parameter to get on a daily basis, and all it takes is a handheld gaussmeter. When purchasing NdFeB magnets, many people may give a size and table magnetism value for the factory to quote. Most of the factories in this case just go by their own experience to make a vague quotation. Because they can't judge the real grade level of the magnet you need. If you really use NdFeB magnets for a long time, you can send samples to the factory, and the factory will test the quotation according to the samples, which is the most accurate.

In short, you remember a sentence, the size of the surface magnetism can reflect to some extent the magnet's ability to attract external magnetic materials, but it is not directly equivalent to the magnet's suction power.

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