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How many magnets are in the motor?

How many magnets in a motor? I just saw a netizen asked this question, the following permanent magnet manufacturers xiaofu with you a brief introduction to the next bar.

Variable number of magnets on the motor

Why do you say so. Because there are many types of motors, different types, sizes of motors, the number of magnets used will be different, including the material of the magnet. Some motors use 2 pieces of magnets, some motors have up to dozens of magnets, such as electric car motors, in addition, not all motors have magnets, some motors do not have, such as AC motors.

The following picture shows a typical curved bread magnet for motors - neodymium material

typical curved bread magnet for motors - neodymium material

Reference to the number of magnets in the motor;

Like brushless DC motors, single phase usually has 4 or 8 magnets. Common designs for three-phase include 8 magnets and a 12-slot stator or 16 magnets and a 24-slot stator.

Common designs for stepper motors may have 4, 8 or more magnets, depending on the desired step angle accuracy.

Linear motors use magnets arranged in a straight line, the number of magnets depends on the length of the linear motor, shorter ones may have 10-20, more can reach hundreds.

The number of magnets in a wind turbine, like in a wind turbine, is much higher, ranging from tens to hundreds of pieces, depending on the size of the wind turbine.

Specific number of motor magnets need to be combined with the type of motor, structure size and design requirements to determine the number from dozens of pieces to hundreds of pieces, are possible.

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