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How to detection finished rare earth NdFeB magnets?

Although the quality of the product is not by checking out, it is made, but ask which company does not have a testing session, so the testing session of the magnet is also essential!

Products can only be tested to know that this product is not qualified after production, so that we can know whether there will be problems in the production process, so that timely adjustment of the processing method, so the product testing is not to be without. So how is the detection of rare earth NdFeB magnets? Magnet manufacturer Xiao Fu on the issue to introduce.  

Some customers in the custom magnets before, because of their own use of their company's magnet performance, surface gauss, magnetization direction, brand name, etc. is not clear, to play a qualified sample, it involves sending samples over to the magnet manufacturers side of the test.  

Finished NdFeB magnet testing will generally use micrometers, vernier calipers, Gauss meters, flux meters, film thickness gauges and other measuring tools.

Picture shows small bar block neo magnets

small bar block neo magnets

The film thickness gauge mainly measures the coating thickness of the finished NdFeB magnet to ensure the coating quality.

Micrometer and vernier caliper mainly measure each tolerance of NdFeB magnet, size in mm.

Gauss Meter is mainly used to measure the strength of magnetic field to ensure that the magnet has the correct magnetic properties.

Magnetic flux meter mainly measures the magnetic flux, unit Weber Wb, compared with Gauss meter, magnetic flux meter measures more objective and accurate data. 

General magnet manufacturers will choose the flux meter to test the finished NdFeB magnet, we recommend that our customers in the incoming inspection of NdFeB magnets also use the flux meter, on the one hand, more convenient to measure, on the other hand, and the magnet manufacturers of the testing standards are unified, the test data is objective, accurate, effective and timely monitoring of the quality of the magnet.

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