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How to treat the surface of ndfeb magnet before electroplating?

After the neodymium magnet is shaped and sized, it is plated (coated) to protect the magnet itself, but did you know? Before electroplating the magnet, it is usually necessary to properly treat the surface of the magnet to ensure the adhesion and quality of the coating. The following are common surface treatment steps for neodymium magnets before electroplating.

1. Cleaning: First of all, the magnet surface should be thoroughly cleaned to remove impurities such as oil, dust, dirt and other impurities on the surface. This can be achieved by using methods such as solvents, alkaline cleaning agents, or ultrasonic cleaning.

2. Degreasing: The surface of the magnet may contain organic substances such as grease or wax, which may affect the adhesion of the coating. Therefore, it should be removed with degreaser to ensure a clean surface.

3. Remove the oxide layer: the oxide layer on the surface of the magnet will also affect the plating effect. The use of an acidic cleaning agent or an acidic solution can effectively remove the oxide layer on the surface of the magnet, making its surface more receptive to electroplating.

Illustration is arc bread neodymium magnets with nickel coating

Illustration is arc bread neodymium magnets with nickel coating

4. Pickling: Pickling is a method to further clean the magnet surface, which can remove residual oxides and other dirt and improve the purification degree of the surface.

5. Anti-rust treatment (optional) : Before electroplating, the magnet can be anti-rust treatment to protect it from re-oxidation or rust during the treatment process. This can be achieved by applying a thin layer of anti-rust coating.

Since the advent of high-power ultrasonic cleaning machines, the problem of removing dirt has been solved. The powerful cavitation effect of the ultrasonic cleaning machine can make the alkaline and acidic substances remaining in the micropores of the magnetic material be completely removed.

The above is about rare earth neodymium magnets need to do some processing processes before electroplating, learn more about magnet knowledge Welcome to this site.

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