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Why are neodymium magnets need plated with nickel(NiCuNi)?

Rare earth neodymium magnets is not unfamiliar, it is a commonly used rare earth magnet, do you find that the surface of neodymium rare earth has a layer of bright coating, many times are nickel, why to nickel plating? Let's talk about a few reasons you don't know.

Neodymium iron break nickel plating reason/advantage - anti corrosion

The first, many people know, that is, neodymium magnets exposed to wet environment easy to rust, through nickel plating, can form a protective layer on the surface of the magnet, blocking air and water contact directly react with iron, thereby reducing the risk of rust.

The second reason for Neodymium magnet nickel plating - looks more beautiful

The surface of the magnet without coating is not attractive, black gray. You can refer to the sample 0.4mm thin rectangular magnet without coating 30x10x0.4mm. By plating nickel, the magnet can have a more attractive appearance, silver white.

Neodymium strong magnet nickel plating reason three - safer to use

Neodymium magnets will be chamfered before electroplating, making the edge of the magnet more smooth and not easy to hurt the hand.

Neodymium ring magnet nickel plating appearance color picture;

Neodymium ring magnet nickel plating appearance color picture

Neodymium magnet nickel plating reasons and benefits four - improve the surface hardness

The hardness of Neodymium magnet is relatively low, and it is easy to be scratched and worn on the surface. Nickel plating can provide a hard protective layer, effectively reduce the wear and scratch of Neodymium magnet, increase its surface hardness and improve its wear resistance.

Rare earth neodymium magnet nickel plating Reasons & Benefits five - easy processing and assembly

The nickel plating layer has a certain lubricity, which can reduce the coefficient of friction on the surface of the neodymium magnet, making it easier to process and assemble. This helps to improve production efficiency and product quality.

It is important to note that not all types of magnets need to be nickel-plated, in order to be cheaper, some low-end applications will not be plated or galvanized, and some magnets may use other coating or treatment methods, depending on their application and requirements.

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