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Why does neodymium magnet need pickling before electroplating?

In order to better protect the Neodymium magnet and make it last longer, it will be plated. Do you know that? Before neodymium iron boron electroplating (coating), there is a process called acid washing. What is the purpose of acid washing? Look down.

The pickling of NdFeb before electroplating is for surface cleaning and activation treatment to improve the adhesion and quality of the coating, The following are the main purposes and reasons for pickling:

The picture shows an irregular Neodymium magnets;

The picture shows an irregular Neodymium magnets

1. Remove surface pollutants from neodymium iron boron

The surface of neodymium iron boron may contain grease, dust, oxides, and other pollutants. These pollutants can affect the adhesion and uniformity of the coating. By pickling, these pollutants can be effectively removed, leaving the surface clean and pure.

2. Remove the oxide layer

Neodymium iron boron is a material that is prone to oxidation, and an oxide layer often forms on the surface. The oxide layer hinders the bonding between the coating and the substrate, resulting in an unstable coating. Acid washing can remove the oxide layer and provide a clean substrate for the formation of the coating.

3. Surface activation

The acid solution used during the pickling process (such as hydrochloric acid) can form small etchings on the surface of neodymium iron boron and remove the passive layer on the surface. This etching effect can activate the surface, enhance the interaction between neodymium iron boron and the plating solution, and promote the growth and bonding of the coating.

4. Improve coating quality

By acid washing treatment, the surface of neodymium iron boron can achieve better cleanliness and activation state, which is conducive to the uniformity and adhesion of the coating, thereby improving the corrosion resistance and service life of neodymium iron boron.

The above is the introduction of why rare earth neodymium magnets need to be pickled before electroplating, edited by permanent magnet supplier Yong Pneumatic magnet Xiao Fu, thank you for your reading.

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