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How much do customized powerful magnets cost?

You may have found that on the page of our website is not like some magnet mall have marked price, this is mainly because we are magnet manufacturers (China), all products can be processed according to your requirements.

The price of customized strong magnets is usually related to the following factors. Please take a look.

1. Material selection; powerful magnets are generally default rare earth neodymium material, you see whether you need this, or other, such as samarium cobalt.

2. The size and shape of magnets: Large or special shaped magnets have higher manufacturing costs because the manufacturing process requires more materials and precise machining.

3. Magnetic performance grade of magnets: Higher performance level of magnets means higher magnetic field strength, and this performance tends to increase the cost.

The bottom picture is a black epoxy-coated neodymium magnets


4. Customization requirements: If customers have special customization requirements, such as special packaging, shaped processing, customized signs, etc., will increase the manufacturing cost.

5, Number of purchases: magnet manufacturers like to sell magnets in large quantities, the more the number of production costs will be reduced, thus reducing the price of magnets.

If you have a clear need to purchase magnets, you can compare with several magnet suppliers and choose one that you are satisfied with.

Overall, the price of customized strong magnets is influenced by various factors, including the selected magnet material, size and shape, tolerances, magnetic properties, customization requirements, and purchase quantity. These factors together determine the final price of customized magnets.

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